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Client Testimonials

A selection of client testimonials

"Greg really gets HR. In a world awash with consultants Greg really stands out as someone who will understand your needs and deliver what you really want."

David Blackburn Director - HR & Business Support at SBHG

“Greg has excellent communication skills, he commands trust and respect and is able to quickly build rapport with people at all levels and from all walks of life… particular skill is his ability to empower people to find their own way though problems by skilful questioning and listening. Any Chief Executive, Board member or senior manager will find him an excellent confidant.”

“Greg’s experience, wisdom and pragmatic approach were of huge benefit to me and will be an asset to any leader of any organisation. I commend him to you. He is a special person.”
Matthew Fox, Chief Executive, Servite Houses

“Greg will challenge the preconceptions of managers and staff alike on all HR matters and our business is the better for it. All at Shepherds Bush Housing Group would love to work with him again.”
Paul Doe, Chief Executive, SBHG

“[Greg is] skilled at identifying and tapping into … potential and creating the climate for them to grow, thrive, and to achieve…commands respect in a discreet way and quickly establishes his credibility and professionalism in a variety of settings...he makes an exceptional, professional Coach who will deliver excellent results.”

"The consummate HR professional, Greg showed outstanding ability to communicate and deliver some unpalatable realities to move the business forward, whilst helping us maintain morale. The organisation will reap the benefits for many years to come."
Kate Davies, Chief Executive, Notting Hill Housing Association

“The best development programme I have experienced in 30 years in the NHS”

‘Thank you for enlightening, interesting, enjoyable and educational leadership development sessions in the past year which has inspired me to believe and succeed

“Greg has worked closely with my organisation over the past year enabling and empowering us to develop the leadership skills and abilities that we aspire to... and needed the skills to support and manage confused and often disengaged staff whilst developing our own new roles...Greg quickly gained my trust and respect and has enabled me and my colleagues to become more self aware, to realise how we often unwittingly collude with others in accepting a poor level of performance and has helped us take steps to develop the confidence to achieve and to support others in achieving organisational and personal goals. I have seen several members of my own team really grow with his support and I hope to continue working with him and his team in the future”.

“Greg has an excellent understanding of the underlying issues of our organisation and has seen us through a difficult time. With this level of understanding and his personal style of calm reassurance and challenge, and with his respect for the personal qualities of individuals, the course was relevant, helpful and appropriate for [our] organisation.”

“What Greg has allowed us to understand is that the solutions are often to be found within organisations and individuals themselves. The development programme provided the key to unlocking this potential."

Leadership Programme delegates

“With each session I felt stronger both mentally and emotionally. I am more aware of my own presence and behaviour and that of others around me. My confidence is growing and I believe and trust in my own judgement, which is helping me to make the best decisions …

I want to succeed and for the staff I manage to develop and aspire to their own goals. I feel that I can offer the support … for them to achieve. I had taken so much for granted - now I stop and think about what is happening around me and have changed the way I react. Thank you so much.”
WB - Middle manager London RSL

“Greg has been fantastic, he has helped open my mind and look at myself in a different light… working with Greg has been a very positive experience and I would recommend his services to anyone.  I did say to him that it would be good to bottle him and keep him in my handbag!”
PL - Repairs Centre Manager - Witney

"Greg has a fantastic ability to coach managers/staff and people on a whole range of issues. He enabled me to develop my own confidence/assertiveness and skills and qualities making me a more effective manager and person!

"Through coaching I realised I just have to believe that I can do and I will do! That is the greatest gift a coach can give. He is someone I know I can turn to and will do so in the future."
TM - Supported Housing Manager, London RSL

“The coaching has been excellent for me and has helped me develop my strategic and leadership skills. I now have a much improved CV, I am clearer about my career objectives and my confidence in my work and in my career planning has significantly improved.”
SD – Director, Central Government Department (Landed his ‘dream’ job in the week of his final coaching session)

Greg has helped me & my staff through a particularly difficult work situation, presenting 100% attention to each individual, making us all think ‘outside the box’ to develop assertiveness & confidence for our futures. He has been sensitive, supportive and respectful to each of us allowing us to see there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through a particularly negative situation, a positive one has been found. Thank you.
SM – Customer Contact Centre Manager - Oxford

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