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Executive Coaching

"80% of organisations use Coaching to develop their staff."
The Work Foundation Survey 2006


As Independent Coaches we reflect ideas, evoke solutions and support their implementation in a way that few insiders could ever do. Individual or One-to-One Coaching is ideal for working with people who want to develop themselves on issues that are unique to them. As a Coaches we are trusted confidant to MDs, CEOs and senior managers for whom life can be ‘lonely at the top’.


  • Is non-directive personal and professional development
  • Helps to identify new and creative options and a way forward in times of change or crisis
  • Helps people learn and set goals that stretch an individual beyond their 'comfort zone';
  • Focuses on improving performance and developing skills (and can also help resolve personal issues which impact on work performance)
  • Aims to achieve both business and individual goals
  • Provides people with valuable feedback and encourages greater self-awareness

How Coaching Can Make a Difference to You and Your Business

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Performance improvement and development

Developing leadership and management capacity

Business development
Managing change
Why choose us?
What we can do for you and your business

Performance improvement and development

"There are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic deadlines." Brian Tracy

Setting achievable objectives
We can Coach you and your managers to identify what's really important to achieve, and implement challenging yet achievable goals and techniques to achieve them. We help you focus on 'doing the right things'.

Releasing potential
By challenging current thinking and approaches we Coach people to think differently and to release their creative talents to the benefit of the business.

Performance improvement
Coaching can deliver significant and long-term improvements in individuals' performance – which translate into business benefits. Many new managers (and several established leaders) we Coach, cite confidence as the main barrier to their progress. We can quickly help them identify and overcome their self-limiting beliefs and to trust their judgement and decision making.

Reinforcing new learning
Most businesses invest huge sums sending staff on skills development courses but a common complaint is that they’re too busy to reflect, implement and practice their new skills. Coaching will help managers put these new skills into practice, reinforce ‘good habits’ and increase the return on your investment.

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Developing Leadership and Management Capacity

Communication skills and confidence
These are two of the biggest barriers to leadership and managerial effectiveness and most of our work with Coaching clients involves resolving one or both of these issues. The results we achieve are very tangible and obvious with a huge pay off at both the individual and business levels.

Supporting new managers and leaders through their ‘First 100 days'
For example, helping them hit the ground running. Giving them the confidence to make the transition, to establish credibility with team and peers and working through a programme of development to rapidly raise their performance to that of an established achieving leader.

Realising the potential of current and future leaders
Senior managers or executives being groomed for leadership roles may be hesitant to attend training courses, as they may feel that they should already have the skills and expertise etc. Coaching can be the answer as it is a confidential, personal and ‘safe’ development option where the individual is using an objective, external person to help them with their development.

Developing the skills of ‘valuable’ technical experts
Where key employees have high levels of specific skills and experience (or critical relationships with contractors/suppliers etc), the business might have difficulty replacing them. In this situation, Coaching these managers can improve or develop some of their other skills (interpersonal/managerial) so that their careers can progress without moving on.

Developing an individual’s potential
Sometimes one of your team can be performing well, but you know they could be even more successful with some assistance. As their Coach our aim is to help them identify and access under-used talents and skills to motivate them to consider their future plans and set goals to achieve them.

Interpersonal skills
Some highly competent, technical experts can have poor interpersonal skills that make them appear arrogant, aloof or stubborn to those they work with. Coaches can help managers to better 'read’ interpersonal situations, to develop their emotional intelligence and be more effective in their interactions with colleagues.

Conflict management skills
Some managers may handle conflict situations in an aggressive and non-compromising way that can antagonise their colleagues. This can be intimidating to colleagues and team members. Coaching can help develop skills of negotiation and compromise so that conflict is resolved more effectively.

Skills at developing others
Some managers have difficulty supporting the development of their team members. Coaching helps managers develop their junior colleagues more effectively by learning some Coaching skills themselves.

Developing a more strategic perspective
As managers move from management or front-line positions to more senior levels, they often need assistance in gaining a more strategic perspective. This involves making decisions based on the best interests of the business as a whole, rather than their specific area of the business. We enable managers to become more sensitive to wider business concerns and understand opportunities and problems occurring across multiple business units.

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Business Development

Support for small or fast-growing businesses
When you set up small business you may not have all the skills needed to manage larger businesses and the growing number of people you need to employ. It's also unlikely that you can afford to be away from work for extended periods of time for development activities. Coaching offers targeted, timely development on identified issues/areas that can be fitted into your busy schedule.

Retaining Key Staff
If your business is suffering from significant skills shortages, your money may be better spent developing the skills of your current employees through interventions like Coaching, rather than spending a great deal of money recruiting external candidates. You’re also more likely to keep them!

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Managing Change

Organisational change
Major change can require significant shifts in the behaviour and attitudes of some employees to fit in with new structures or cultures. Coaching helps people make these necessary changes. This can include Coaching redundant staff and, just as importantly, survivors.

Changes in job role
Businesses often need to restructure or refocus their workforce, and some staff may need to develop new skills very quickly. Coaching can help individuals who are moving to a new job that requires different skills and abilities. It can also be a valuable short-term intervention to help people adapt and cope with their role change. Our “First 100 days” Coaching service will help maximise your new managers’ and leaders’ ability to make a rapid and lasting impact. click here for details

“Greg has helped me & my staff through a particularly difficult work situation, presenting 100% attention to each individual, making us all think ‘outside the box’ to develop assertiveness & confidence for our futures. He has been sensitive, supportive and respectful to each of us allowing us to see there is light at the end of the tunnel. Through a particularly negative situation, a positive one has been found. Thank you”.

SM – Customer Contact Centre Manager - Oxford

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Why Choose Us?

Our approach to Coaching produces results in:

  • Performance improvement and development
  • Developing your leadership and management capacity including maximising their impact through their “ the first 100 days” and beyond
  • Business development
  • Managing change including career change and redundancy effectively

What we can do for you and your business:

  • We have a proven track record of inspiring people to greater achievement
  • We put people in control so they can influence their own outcomes
  • We pride ourselves on providing honest, open, but non-judgemental support so that clients receive maximum awareness and effectiveness from the Coaching
  • We challenge conventional wisdom and provide enlightenment on how easy it is to strangle creativity and initiative, often underutilising potential and creating discontentment, without realising it
  • We help those in positions of authority to see the business benefit of giving staff the scope to achieve in their own way
  • We ensure that by implementing actions, our clients get results, see achievement and experience positive outcomes

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“…Excellent at influencing others to identify solutions for themselves. He inspired numerous staff to try new experiences and explore different approaches.”

“Greg understands the wider business needs. The organisation and the individuals Greg worked with will enjoy a lasting impact in terms of confidence building, problem solving and acquiring new skills and perspectives, and I know I certainly benefited from his advice and support.”

"Skilled at identifying and tapping into their potential and creating the climate for them to grow, thrive, and to achieve.”

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